What is scarification?

Scarification is a mechanical treatment that removes unwanted and potentially harmful thatch and dead organic matter from the surface of your lawn. It is an important part of lawn care and maintenance.

Why do lawns need scarifying?

Over time lawns build up a layer of thatch on the surface, this layer if left can stunt the lawn growth by preventing water, air and nutrients from reaching the roots. Removing this thatch layer will improve the health of the lawn and ultimately make it more resilient.

Depending upon the grass type, annual or bi-annual scarification may be required. 

Benefits of scarification

  • Removes harmful levels of thatch
  • Allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate and reach the soil more easily
  • Allows for better nutrient uptake
  • Prunes grass roots encouraging growth
  • Removes moss and reduces the chances of further moss encroachment
  • Lowers the risk of disease and drought-stress
  • Can create a seed bed ready for over seeding

How do I know when it needs scarifying?

If your lawn has too much thatch it will feel spongy when you walk across it. A core sample will determine how thick the thatch is and how extensively it will need scarifying.

When is the best time to scarify?

The optimum time for scarifying is in Spring and Autumn, when the soil temperature is warm and there is enough moisture to aid natural recovery and seed germination.

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