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We are passionate about creating an outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy, a lawn you’ll be proud of.

At LawnFix we offer a number of lawn care services that are tailor-made to suit your garden requirements and above all, we are committed to great lawn care service at affordable rates.

We are your one-stop shop for a great looking lawn. Whether you need a brand new lawn, sprucing up tired turf, heavy-duty lawn damage repair or weed control - we are your guys. 

Feel free to browse our Helpful Tips section - Lorne the Lawn Guy is always ready to help you with all your lawn care questions.  We've got tips on everything lawn care related: Mowing your grass, Watering your lawn, De-thatching or scarifying, Seasonal Lawn Care and more.  We're even got a few solutions to common lawn problems, and we give you the answers you need to fix your lawn, such as dry spots, patchy grass, pests and weed control.

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