New Lawn

Seeding? Ready Lawn? Hydroseeding?

If you are laying a new lawn, or want to get your lawn ready for the season ahead, LawnFix can help you.  We offer various ways to get a good looking lawn and quickly.  Whether you choose to have conventional seeding, hydroseeding or instant turf / ready lawn laid, we can assist.  

Site visit

We will complete a site visit and measure and appraise the lawn area and discuss your requirements. From this you will receive an no-obligation quote.

We will take into consideration factors such as 

  • Soil profile
  • Irrigation requirements
  • Environmental factors - such as position for the sun, shading, existing trees, high traffic areas etc
  • Time frames for installation and establishment
  • Appropriate grass species 
  • Site access for machinery

Lawn installation

Once you have approved your quote, the team will work with you to install the new lawn as per the quote.

With soil cultivation you can expect some noise whilst the machinery is working. Disruptions will be kept to a minimum as practicably able.

Germination time frames

Ready lawn is an all year round solution for an instant result. Ready lawn mostly suits smaller areas due to the cost involved and is ideal for those that require a short timeframe.

Hydroseed is a mixture of seed, fertiliser and mulch that is sprayed over the lawn. Under the right conditions this can germinate in 7 days, however allow 6 - 8 weeks for a fully established lawn.

Water, Water Water!!

All new lawns require regular watering to aid germination and establishment. Without this the lawn can fail to thrive.

Advice will be provided regarding watering, however it remains the property owners responsibility to meet this need.  


Most lawns look great when first established, but without regular care even immaculate newly-sown lawns can quickly become weed-infested, patchy and unattractive-looking. LawnFix will recommend a program of regular maintenance to keep your new lawn in good condition all year round. 

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