Installing Ready Lawn

Need a Ready Lawn? Hydroseeding?

If you are laying a new lawn, or want to get your lawn ready for the season ahead, LawnFix can help you.  We offer various ways to get a good looking lawn and quickly.  Whether you choose to have hydroseeding done or instant turf / ready lawn laid, we are your lawn care specialists.  We also offer lawn care programs to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best throughout the years to come.

We can:

  • advise on the best new lawn options - Ready Lawn (Instant Lawn), Hydroseeding or traditional Lawn Seeding Methods
  • give you a comprehensive free quote to answer your questions about how much ready lawn costs
  • assess and manage complete site preparation
  • install appropriate irrigation systems if required
  • recommend appropriate grass species and fertilisers to suit your conditions and requirements
  • provide on-going treatments to keep your new lawn weed-free, lush and green all year round

Ready lawn is an all year round solution for an instant result. Ready lawn would suit smaller areas and short time frames.  Most lawns look great when first established, but without regular care even immaculate newly-sown lawns can quickly become weed-infested, patchy and unattractive-looking. LawnFix will recommend a programme of regular maintenance to keep your new lawn weed-free, lush and green all year round.  Call us today for a lawn ready for the season to come!

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