Pest Control

Battling with Grass Grubs in your lawn? Grass grub beetles and other insects use the healthy lawn plant as a source of food. There are a few common lawn pests in NZ ie. Grass Grub, Black Field Cricket and Porina.

These pests can destroy a lawn in a very short space of time, so prompt action is required.

Signs of lawn insect activity include

  • Irregular brown stops and dead patches in the lawn
  • Holes and soil mounds
  • Birds


It is important to correctly identify the  insect responsible for the damage to the lawn, as some insects can only be controlled at certain times during their life cycle. 


Our LawnFix team are Approved Handlers and are trained to safely and effectively apply pesticides for the treatment of lawn pests. After application you will be advised of any aftercare precautions.

Whilst we can not completely eradicate lawn insects, we do recommend bi-annual treatments to help minimise and control their activity and damage to your lawn.

Contact the Lawn Fix team for an effective pest control program today.

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