Lawn Renovation

What is a lawn renovation?

Over time, lawn damage can occur requiring a specialist treatment to get it looking healthy again. A Lawn Renovation is a good way to repopulate and regenerate your lawn without having to undertake a full lawn replacement.

Depending upon the condition of your lawn, a lawn renovation may consist of some or all of the following steps

  • Aeration
  • Heavy scarification
  • Application of a wetting agent
  • Overseeding 
  • Starter fertiliser application
  • Top dressing to aid seed germination

Does my lawn need this work?

This depends on the condition of your lawn and your short to medium term expectations. If your lawn has thin grass coverage, bare patches or heavy moss/thatch this could be the treatment for you.

When can this be done?

Lawn renovations can only be completed when the weather conditions are favorable, typically Spring and Autumn time.

How long will it take the lawn to recover?

Depending upon the weather conditions and providing adequate water, the lawn should achieve full coverage within 6 -10 weeks

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