Lawn Care Programs

Our Lawn Care Programs are designed with you in mind. 

Find a lawn care program that best suits your needs or contact us today for a FREE Site visit and professional lawn-fix advice.  

Standard Program - Based on 4 visits per year

Four seasonal lawn treatments, customised for the time of year to target weeds and feed the lawn. We use correct and timely nutrient applications specifically formulated from our comprehensive fertiliser and weed control range. These products are not available from your local DIY shops

Based upon 4 visits per year.

Enhanced Program - Based on 6 visits per year

In addition to the core seasonal lawn treatments, the Enhanced Lawn Care Program includes pest management and pre-emergent weed treatments to help prevent germination of most unsightly Summer Grass weeds.

Based upon 6 visits per year.

Premium Program - Based on 8 visits per year

The Premium Lawn Care Program provides all the benefits of the Enhanced Program, plus oasis moisture zone treatment, moss treatment, and a comprehensive fungal disease management plan. This program proactively takes care of all your lawn care needs.

Based upon 8 visits per year. 

Scarification of unhealthy lawns to remove thatch and aerate soil

Many lawns suffer from compacted soil that discourages healthy root growth and favours surface hugging weeds, moss, and disease. Our professional equipment lifts decaying ground cover from your lawn that breeds disease and harbours weeds and insect pests and prevents water from effectively reaching the root zone. 

LawnFix ‘Lawn Doctor’ weed and pest control without spray drift

We are licensed to provide and apply specialist chemicals that are not available to the DIY-er. Your LawnFix technician will appraise your lawn, identify problems and tailor a solution that’s safe and effective. With our Lawn Doctor brush shielded sprayer, there’s no spray drift on to prized plants or neighbouring properties either. 

Professional strength products, professional selection, professional application – that’s the LawnFix promise.

Customised fertiliser applications to suit the specific needs of your lawn

We recommend that we benchmark your lawn’s fertility by collecting soil samples and sending them to a specialist soils laboratory for analysis. This way we know your lawn’s nutrient needs and will customise a program of treatments that are tailored specifically for your lawn. You can spend a fortune on DIY sprays and fertilisers, without getting the result you want. We will analyse your lawn’s needs, We can give you the best looking lawn in your street – at a surprisingly low cost.


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