Soil nutrition

Maintaining a healthy lawn is highly dependent on a nutrient-rich soil - over time soil loses nutrients making it difficult to maintain a lush lawn and fertilising your lawn is what you need to do.

Fertilising will encourage thicker, healthier grass coverage, which it turn will help make your lawn less susceptible to invasive weeds, moss and pests.

Soil sampling

Under ideal circumstances we recommend we benchmark your lawns soil fertility by collecting soil samples and sending them to a specialist laboratory for analysis. This way we know your lawns nutrient needs and can customise a programme specifically for your lawn.

Fertiliser application

From granular to liquid, slow release to fast action, organic to sythenthic we have a range of professional grade fertilisers that we can apply according to the season and your soil needs.

Give us a call today if you need assistance in getting your lawn fertilised.

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