About LawnFix

What We Do

We are lawn care specialists. At LawnFix, not only do we sow amazing looking new lawns, we transform unsightly lawns into luxuriant, lush green lawns, and we keep them looking that way all year round with our lawn care programs and services. We are a network of like-minded professionals who are passionate about creating an outdoor space for the family to enjoy, beautiful lawns that help create memories while enhancing the value of your home.

LawnFix is not a lawn mowing business, rather we provide lawn treatment services using specialised equipment and techniques, based on best turf management practice, including initial lawn seed sowing (or re-sowing), on-going lawn fertility management, weed and pest control, and irrigation supply and installation. These services may be applied to maintaining new lawns, or rejuvenating and maintaining existing lawns.  

Most lawns look great when first established, but deteriorate over time from a variety of factors including the choice of wrong grass species, lack of nutrients, inadequate irrigation, insect attack or simply being choked and overrun by weeds and disease.  The elements of appropriate species, water and nutrients are the basis of all plant growth - we take these elements, together with managed weed, pest and disease control, and use the latest technology and management techniques to keep lawns always looking their best.

Lorne, the Lawn Guy

Lorne, our friendly little LawnFix mascot does a great job of representing us and our "can do" attitude.  Whenever you see him, be reminded that we enjoy doing what we do, and we as a lawn care team have fun together along the way. 
Check out Lorne's Helpful Tips for getting your lawn to looking "LAWNESOME". We can help you solve some of your lawn and turf problems in our problem-solving section.

Who We Are

We are a growing national franchise with branches currently in Canterbury, Tauranga, and Wellington.  Our branches are all owned and operated by trained and qualified turf management professionals (some ex-greenkeepers), who all have the market knowledge, technical know-how, and field experience that the EcoTec LawnFix franchise system provides.
For more information on our franchises, visit our market opportunities page.

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