Watering Tips

Water your lawn deeply in the morning.

Watering your lawn deeply in the morning is better than daily light watering.  After a deep morning water allow the lawn to dry out for a few days.  
All lawns are different and dry out at different rates. 

Look for signs of heat stress, such as rapid change of colour as this can be an important sign to show that it is thirsty.

If your lawn develops dry brown patches, it can be recovered by deep watering.  For other information on dry patches in your lawn, see our problem-solving section

Use your garden fork to punch holes into dry spots to help the water get to where it needs to go. Wetting agents can be used to help manage dry areas.

Do not mow your lawn if it under severe heat stress.  The higher mowing height is vital during Summer.

Moisture Levels

Sandy soils dry out faster than clay soils (which are at the other end of the scale).  All plants will suffer from drought and die if there is no water.  Whatever the soil type, most localities will suffer droughts. Your lawn and valuable garden plants are at risk.  Drought tolerant weeds snuff out weaker grasses and in a flash your lawn is in a shambles.

If you notice that your lawn is starting to change colour it is unfortunately already too late. With a LawnFix Fully Automatic Irrigation System you can holiday at the beach and forget about it for weeks on end.