Summer-Ready Lawn


Here’s a quick list of important things to remember about getting your lawn ready in TIME for Summer.

T: Test your soil.

Getting your soil tested now will tell you where your lawn is at regarding its nutrient content.  The earlier you do this the better, as you’ll be able to make an informed decision about fertilising your lawn or treating the pH.  You want to get your grass growing and established before the Summer hits those high temperatures.

I: Irrigate

Getting your irrigation right is key to a luscious lawn. Light and frequent watering of your lawn only encourages shallow roots to grow, these roots are not able to provide the grass with the moisture it needs during times of heat.  Infrequent, yet deep watering encourages deeper roots in your lawn, these are the roots you want developing to sustain your lawn through the Summer.  Most lawns need an inch of water per week - whether that be via an irrigation system or rain.

M: Mowing

Mowing more often is best for your lawn, as it encourages the growth of deeper roots.  It also means you are never cutting more than one-third of the grass blade at a time. Check your mower blades now and make sure they are sharp so that when you do mow your lawns the blades of grass are cut cleanly and not ripped off.

E: Establish a Lawn Care Program

A good lawn care program can proactively look after your lawns needs.  Having a lawn care specialist visit your home on a regular basis, providing the seasonal treatment your lawn requires, as well as treating for pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds, can really help maintain a great looking yard.

Establishing a quality lawn care program before Summer will not only ensure that your grass is ready by blitzing those pre-emergent Summer grass weeds, a lawn care program will also enable your lawn to sustain the Summer heat and be healthy going into Autumn.  Most lawn care programs include seasonal treatments, weed and pest control treatments. The LawnFix Premium Lawn Care Program offers these services as well as oasis moisture zone treatment, moss treatment, and a comprehensive fungal disease management plan.

So first things first - Test your Soil

Here at LawnFix we can do a soil analysis for you and create a customised program for your lawn.  Let us take the hard work and the guessing out of your lawn care. We will advise and execute the lawn care programs required to ensure you have a great looking lawn for summer.  We can even hook you up with an irrigation system, or make sure yours is working at maximum potential.

So whether you’re planning on having a lazy summer or whether you’re going away, your lawn will be in good hands with LawnFix.

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