Problem Lawns: Moss

How to get rid of Menacing Moss

So you have a problem with moss in your lawn?  Well, did you know that moss is more of an indicator of a problem than a problem itself?

Moss in your lawn is a consequence of a grass problem, not a problem itself.  Mossy grass is a sign that you currently have less than ideal conditions for growing lawn, these could be low soil pH, poor drainage, excessive shade or lack of necessary nutrients in the soil.

Getting rid of the present moss in your grass is just the beginning of your problem solving quest.  After removing the moss (and we will tell you how), you’ll need to follow up with some investigative work to find out why moss would grow there in the first place.  If this follow up work is not done, you’ll end up with a perpetual moss growing area and a new patch of moss will just replace the old one.

Quick Temporary Fix for eradicating Moss

Because moss is shallow-rooted, it can easily just be raked out of your lawn, but if your lawn is not treated with a herbicide and the root causes of the moss are not taken care of, it will simply return and you will be regularly removing the moss, grass won’t grow and you’ll end up calling us anyway!

What is the real problem with my lawn?

Moss doesn’t replace grass or kill plants to find its place in your lawn, moss simply moves into a spot where nothing is growing.So your first step to eradicating moss from your lawn, is to find out why your grass is dying in that area.

Lawn Conditions perfect for a Moss Pit.

Compacted soil:

Compacted soil is a grass root killer and it creates a smooth area for moss to hold onto

Poor Drainage:

If soil is swampy or continually damp, moss will find its way there, this kind of soil suffocates the grass roots, killing the grass and creating dead spots in your lawn, a perfect place for moss to thrive

Low pH:

Moss thrives in high acid soil, but grass, on the other hand, does not.  Your lawn needs a moderate or slightly alkaline soil to thrive. 

Lack of Sunlight:

This is a no-brainer, most of us know that it is very difficult for grass to grow in the shade and moss is in its element where there is lack of sunlight.

So, what’s the solution to getting rid of the moss in my lawn?

Well, here at LawnFix, we provide a full soil audit by taking a sample of your soil, analysing your lawn and assessing your garden environment.  Our LawnFix technicians can advise on what landscaping is required to reduce the amount of shade affecting your lawn, we can treat your soil to improve drainage and increase soil nutrients, and spray your moss away.

You could try it yourself, but surely you’ve got better things to do with your time. Time is money - isn't that so? 

Let us provide a free lawn appraisal, you’ll be surprised at how cost-effective it is to eliminate moss in your lawn for good!

We use ecologically responsible products and technically advanced services to enhance the health, appearance and functionality of your lawn.

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