LawnFix Services

At LawnFix we provide a range of ecologically responsible, technically advanced lawn care services to enhance the health, appearance, and functionality of your lawn.

We are your lawn care specialists! But don't just take our word for it.. see what others have to say about us on our reviews page.

We provide a free site appraisal and report, professionally sow new lawns, analyse and rejuvenate old lawns, and we provide regular lawn treatments to keep your lawn lush and green.
We bring a complete lawn care service to you.
From advice and troubleshooting to the installation of new lawns, from lawn care and maintenance, including either one-off treatments or ongoing lawn care programs to irrigation. 

We are your one stop shop for all your lawn requirements.  Take a closer look at our services information below.

Lawn Care Services & Programs

Our Lawn Care Programs are designed with you in mind. 

Tired of trying to fix your lawn yourself and not getting the results you want? We can help. Let our lawn care specialists offer you one-off lawn treatments or enroll you in one of our Lawn Care Programs and take care of your lawn for you.

Click below to find a program that best suits your needs. Or contact us today for a FREE Site visit and professional lawn-fix advice. 

Lawn Care Programs


New Lawns

If you are laying a new lawn, let LawnFix help you get it off to a great start, our specialists are all trained turf management professionals and can advise on what is best for you and your budget: Instant Lawn, Hydroseeding or traditional seeding methods.

Click below for more information about our New Lawn Installation Service.

New Lawn Installation Service



Adequate water is an essential element for all plant growth. We can plan and install a professional irrigation system to maintain the correct moisture level your lawn and/or garden requires to stay green and lush all year round.

Click below for more information about our Irrigation services, and how we can your keep your lawn healthy and thriving for the long-term!

Irrigation Services