Professional care to keep lawns lush, green and weed free

Laying a new lawn?
We’ll get you off to a great start

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If you are laying a new lawn, LawnFix can help you get it off to a great start, then keep your lawn healthy and looking its best throughout the years to come.

We can:

  • assess and manage complete site preparation
  • install appropriate irrigation systems if required
  • recommend appropriate grass species and fertilisers to suit your conditions and requirements
  • arrange sowing
  • provide on-going treatments to keep your new lawn weed free, lush and green all year round

Most lawns look great when first established, but deteriorate over time from choice of wrong grass species, lack of nutrients, inadequate irrigation, insect attack or simply being choked and overrun by weeds.

The elements of appropriate species, water and nutrients are the basis of all plant growth – we take these elements, together with managed weed and pest control, and use the latest technology and management techniques to keep lawns always looking their best.

Without regular care, even immaculate newly-sown lawns can quickly become weed infested, patchy and unattractive-looking. LawnFix will recommend a programme of regular maintenance to keep your new lawn weed free, lush and green all year round.

To arrange a FREE site visit, irrigation advice and quote call LawnFix today 0508 LAWNFIX (0508 529 6349) to be connected to your local branch, or click here to request an appointment by email.