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Lawn Care Around Fruit Trees

Lawn Care Around Fruit Trees

By on Nov 6, 2013 in Lawn Tips & News |

With all the citrus and other fruit falling off trees at the moment (and all year round) we thought it’d be a good time to address how to best manage your fruit trees in regards to lawn care.

Andy, of Lawn Fix Tauranga, says that the best way to stop a fruit tree effecting your lawn is to cut it down, but there are far less steps to take!

  • Picking fallen fruit off the ground is a good start. Where the fruit sits and rots, the lawn underneath isn’t getting sun. Not only that, but extra bugs and worms that are brought to the surface can ruin the grass, turning it to dirt or compost – you’ll often see white, dead or black grass underneath when you pick the fruit up if it’s been there a while.
  • Regular pruning to allow sunlight to shine through will benefit your lawn greatly. I was amazed at the difference when I pruned my massive grapefruit tree last weekend.
  • There are some grasses that are better suited to shady areas than others. If your lawn isn’t growing under your trees, talk to Lawn Fix today about your options – we’re happy to give you advice about caring for your lawn, and will provide a no obligation quote if you need some work done to get your lawn looking lush and green. Click here to contact Lawn Fix

Can you believe all this came from one tree? Can't even tell it's had so much cut out - and now there's much more sunlight for the lawn.